The true story of Easter

This is a tale of three ethnic people who were chatting over lunch one day and the following conversation ensued.

Ethnic Person Number One: “I love Easter as it’s the time of the year when we give eggs and small bunnies to the neighborhood kids who come knocking on our door saying Egg or Treat?”

Ethnic Person Number Two: “I have no idea where you are from but Easter is really the time of the year when the jolly little man in the orange and black suit comes up our drain and leaves chocolate gifts for our children.”

Ethnic Person Number Three: “Holy Cow, where are you two from? This is the time of the year when we remember that Jesus Christ, Our Lord was crucified, dead and buried and placed in a tomb. We all know that on the third day he moved the huge stone , the door of his tomb and he stepped out. He saw his shadow and disappeared for forty days and forty nights.”

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Happy Festivus (a Holiday for the Rest of Us)

In 1997, Jerry Seinfeld and his team created a great holiday for the folks who are challenged by the concept of Hannukha and Christmas and perhaps even Kwanzaa.

Many of us believe that it was the Seinfeld show that created Festivus but actually it was created by Dennis O’Keefe in 1966. O’Keefe is a comedy writer and wrote for the Seinfeld Show. He describes Festivus as a holiday that begins December 23rd and ends perhaps the following May. 

His book is available at Amazon – See 

Please celebrate with us this December 23rd.

Twas the night before Festivus, ’twas windy and cold.
Inside we all gathered ’round the Festivus Pole,
So straight and so silver, light shining, refracting,
No garland or tinsel (we find it distracting).

No gifts underneath, no dolls and no toys,
No stockings or presents for good girls and boys.
We ate our spaghetti, which Ma had prepared
In hopes that our grievances soon would be aired.

“I’ve got lots of problems,” I said with a frown.
“It’s Festivus time, and you’ve all let me down.”
More rapid than eagles my grievances came,
I insulted each family member by name.

With my grave disappointments expressed at full-length,
It was nearly the time to test our Feats of Strength.
“It’s Festivus time,” I said as I grinned,
“And you know it’s not over ’til Papa is pinned!”

I jumped at my son with a leap and a bound
And before he could say, “sugar plum,” he was down.
But I heard him exclaim with all of his might,
“Happy Festivus, Dad!” and we wrestled all night.

– Michael Patton

If you missed the Seinfeld episode you can see some excerpts here

You might have some interest in shopping for Festivus so I did find a shop at CafePress for you. See

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