Snohio – Fear of white stuff.

Living in Cincinnati can be interesting and weird.

We first moved here over ten years ago and people told us of their fear of snow. Cheryl and I have lived in Montreal, Goose Bay, Toronto, Chicago, Salt Lake City and perhaps another place or two along the way. Snow in the cities above is commonplace, planned for and only very large snowfalls cause any concern.

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The Land Rover Saga

2AgswwinchThe RAF (Royal Air Force) at Goose Bay flew Vulcan’s on “nap of the earth flights” over the Canadian tundra. These were training missions as the tundra was similar to that of the USSR. The planes were equipped with terrain following radar which allowed these special aircraft to fly at a fixed altitude above the land below. Sometimes the altitude was below a thousand feet. As the ground undulated under the aircraft the aircraft automatically rose and fell in cadence with the soil below. Although these were seasoned air crew, air sickness was a reality for some of these young men who were being challenged in this way for the first time. We befriended many of the ground crew who were permanently stationed at Goose Bay. We did not meet many of the pilots and air crew dashed in from the UK, flew around for a while, puked all over their airplanes and flew home.

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Southbound on The Coastal Boat 1971

After loading Taffy and Newf on the boat, our southbound trip began. Once again, it’s the summer of 1971. Our VW camper is lashed down to the top of one of two hatch covers on the coastal boat. The trip south was to be fairly quick as she had disgorged most of her mail and freight at the Labrador outports on the trip north. For her return to island of Newfoundland she was basically empty and on board were perhaps forty passengers from all walks of life. Some had boarded with us and others were just taking the cruise. Perhaps they’d got off the boat in Goose Bay for some R&R, but God only knows what they might have found. It would not be apparent to a non citizen of the “The Goose” as it was affectionately called that there might actually be something to do there.

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Boarding the Coastal Boat – The Vacation!

Loading_The_BoatOur wedded bliss began immediately following our wedding in September ’69 when Cheryl and I moved to Goose Bay in the territory of Labrador in the province of Newfoundland. With that much description, you’d think it was a very big place -you’d have to think again. Think of a small town you’ve been to – and cut it in half. That’s Goose Bay. We did many things for the first time while there. Life was not too complicated as we had two airbases available to us, the British RAF (Royal Air Force) base and the US Air-force Base. Liquor was cheap as were movies. Cheryl and I in our early twenties had a lifetime in front of us and very few cares in the world. We had friends and neighbors everywhere and it always seemed that half of the RAF was at our small home eating and drinking to the wee small hours of the morning. Remind me to tell the story of one Scotsman named Dinger Bell (yes, that was his name) playing his bagpipes in our small home one summer’s morning at 2:00 AM with the windows open. Continue reading Boarding the Coastal Boat — The Vacation!

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Wassailing – Happy Valley Style

Back in 1970, Happy Valley was the local residential area that is where most of the civilians live in the Goose Bay area. After the first year we bought our first home. It was on Palisser Crescent in Happy Valley. Our new home was on two acres (all sand and scrub brush). It was a spacious 900 square feet and cost us a total of $5,000.00 which we paid in cash. That was the first and only home for which we paid cash.

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The Hot Pepper Story!

42-15654161How naive can a person be? I was in my early twenties living in Goose Bay. One of my friends was a sergeant in the US Air Force. I’ll call him Sergeant Ralph. Two or three years earlier he had fallen in love with a Mexican lady, got married and now was stationed in Goose Bay with their two year old son.

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Introducing “The Goose”

A month after our elopement, I quit the DEW Line and found a job nearly as remote in Goose Bay, Labrador. We began our married life. I was to remain an electronics technician working for Canadian Marconi maintaining military and commercial communications equipment and Cheryl was to become a teacher for the Labrador East Integrated School Board.

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