The Easter Bunny and the Three Ethnic People

Typically, I don’t like ethnic jokes as they tend to disparage different religions, races, creeds, nationalities etc. and that simply is not PC. I’ve tried in the following to take away ethnicity while maintaining the humor. I hate prejudiced people.

You see, there were these three ethnic people. (Many jokes begin with You see…)

easter-bunnyEthnic Person Number One says:

I love Easter because it’s that time of the year when the little bunny gets dressed up in that little red suit and puts Easter eggs under the Easter tree …

Ethnic Person Number Two interjects:

Wait a minute, I don’t know where you’re from but that’s totally wrong! Easter is the time of the year when the Easter Bunny gets dressed up in orange and black clothing and comes by your house looking for handouts …

Ethnic Person Number Three butts in and says:

Stop, Stop, Stop: You guys are both wrong, Easter is the time of the year when we celebrate that Jesus Chris died for our sins, was crucified, dead and buried and placed in a tomb. On the third day, he moved the stone covering his tomb, walked outside and saw his shadow and then disappeared for forty days and forty nights!

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The challenge of social networking.

I used to be a pretty smart guy. There was a time when my knowledge of home computers and applications was second to none. I bought my first PC in 1977 and it was a TRS-80 with 4K of RAM and a 16 K Tape Drive (It was called a tape drive but it really was a reasonable quality audio cassette recorder that could be controlled in a limited way by the TRS-80). This machine was upgraded to 16K of RAM with an expansion box with another 16K of RAM. Imagine that, a 32K PC. Things grew and a flopppy disk was added with 175K capacity!

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