Southbound on The Coastal Boat 1971

After loading Taffy and Newf on the boat, our southbound trip began. Once again, it’s the summer of 1971. Our VW camper is lashed down to the top of one of two hatch covers on the coastal boat. The trip south was to be fairly quick as she had disgorged most of her mail and freight at the Labrador outports on the trip north. For her return to island of Newfoundland she was basically empty and on board were perhaps forty passengers from all walks of life. Some had boarded with us and others were just taking the cruise. Perhaps they’d got off the boat in Goose Bay for some R&R, but God only knows what they might have found. It would not be apparent to a non citizen of the “The Goose” as it was affectionately called that there might actually be something to do there.

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